Retail-BCG advises our clients on payment strategies and delivers solutions.

Innovative Branches

Deploy innovative branch designs with ease.

Retail-BCG has reviewed the Big-3 consultancies work on branch design, taken this work and produced designs aligned with the conclusions which can be deployed today. Find out more is then our synopsis on branches.

White Label

Efficient web enabled solutions

Internet based solutions allow us to provide a cost base up to 70% lower than traditional legacy systems. Bringing efficient, web enabled solutions at a fraction of the operational cost. Covering ATMs and POS solutions.

Data Analytics

Data is the new gold - data analytics tools

Use our data analytics tools to automate reconciliation, automate disputes and chargebacks and automate income verification. Data is the new gold let us show you how valuable analytics tools are. Find out more is our Analytics paper

Improving Costs

Automation improving costs

Technology advances combined with internet based solutions allows us to deploy automated solutions in the market to replace existing manned services. Find out more is then our Automated branch paper.


Bringing Innovative new services

Open banking and API solutions allow us to bring new innovative services to the market such as retail recycling solutions or mini branch services. Find out more is our API ATM paper.

Predicting Failure

Prediction avoiding down time

With our analytical tools we can predict the next failure for field devices, allowing you to replace the part before it fails and avoid down time which leads to customer dis-satisfaction. Find out more is a new paper.


See reduced costs & increased profits.

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02nd May 2018

Finalist in IoD’s Director of the Year Award, London & the South

IOD Director of the year finalist. Retail-BCG’s CEO, Andrew Martin has been nominated for the IoD’s Director of the Year…

20th Apr 2018

Extended End to End Services

Extended end-to-end services

20th Apr 2018

Retail-BCG Announce ATM Advertising Partnership